The 17 Finest Methods to Keep Weight Loss

Sadly, many individuals who drop some weight find yourself gaining it again.

In actual fact, solely about 20% of dieters who begin off chubby find yourself efficiently reducing weight and preserving it off in the long run (1).

Nevertheless, don’t let this discourage you. There are a selection of scientifically confirmed methods you possibly can hold the burden off, starting from exercising to controlling stress (1).

These 17 methods could be simply what it is advisable tip the statistics in your favor and preserve your hard-won weight reduction.

There are a number of frequent explanation why individuals acquire again the burden they lose. They’re largely associated to unrealistic expectations and emotions of deprivation.

  • Restrictive diets: Excessive calorie restriction might sluggish your metabolism and shift your appetite-regulating hormones, that are each components that contribute to weight regain (2).
  • Mistaken mindset: Once you consider a eating regimen as a fast repair, fairly than a long-term resolution to raised your well being, you may be extra doubtless to surrender and acquire again the burden you misplaced.
  • Lack of sustainable habits: Many diets are based mostly on willpower fairly than habits you possibly can incorporate into your day by day life. They concentrate on guidelines fairly than life-style adjustments, which can discourage you and forestall weight upkeep.


Many diets are too restrictive with necessities which can be troublesome to maintain up with. Moreover, many individuals don’t have the proper mindset earlier than beginning a eating regimen, which can result in weight regain.

Common train performs an vital position in weight upkeep.

It might assist you to burn off some further energy and enhance your metabolism, that are two components wanted to attain power steadiness (3, 4).

If you end up in power steadiness, it means you burn the identical variety of energy that you just eat. Because of this, your weight is extra more likely to keep the identical.

A number of research have discovered that individuals who do at the very least 200 minutes of reasonable bodily exercise per week (half-hour a day) after reducing weight usually tend to preserve their weight (5, 6, 7).

In some cases, even greater ranges of bodily exercise could also be essential for profitable weight upkeep. One overview concluded that one hour of train a day is perfect for these trying to take care of weight reduction (1).

It’s vital to notice that train is essentially the most useful for weight upkeep when it’s mixed with different life-style adjustments, together with sticking to a nutritious diet (8).


Exercising for at the very least half-hour per day might promote weight upkeep by serving to steadiness your energy in and energy burned.

2. Strive Consuming Breakfast Each Day

Consuming breakfast might help you along with your weight upkeep objectives.

Breakfast eaters are inclined to have more healthy habits general, resembling exercising extra and consuming extra fiber and micronutrients (9, 10, 11).

Moreover, consuming breakfast is among the most typical behaviors reported by people who’re profitable at sustaining weight reduction (1).

One examine discovered that 78% of two,959 individuals who maintained a 30-pound (14 kg) weight reduction for at the very least one 12 months reported consuming breakfast each day (12).

Nevertheless, whereas individuals who eat breakfast appear to be very profitable at sustaining weight reduction, the proof is blended.

Research don’t present that skipping breakfast robotically results in weight acquire or worse consuming habits (13, 14, 11).

In actual fact, skipping breakfast might even assist some individuals obtain their weight reduction and weight upkeep objectives (15).

This can be one of many issues that come all the way down to the person.

For those who really feel that consuming breakfast helps you persist with your objectives, then you definitely positively ought to eat it. However should you don’t like consuming breakfast or will not be hungry within the morning, there isn’t a hurt in skipping it.


Those that eat breakfast are inclined to have more healthy habits general, which can assist them preserve their weight. Nevertheless, skipping breakfast doesn’t robotically result in weight acquire.

Consuming plenty of protein might assist you to preserve your weight, since protein can assist scale back urge for food and promote fullness (16, 17, 18).

Protein will increase ranges of sure hormones within the physique that induce satiety and are vital for weight regulation. Protein has additionally been proven to scale back ranges of hormones that enhance starvation (19, 20).

Protein’s impact in your hormones and fullness might robotically scale back the variety of energy you eat per day, which is a vital consider weight upkeep (20).

Moreover, protein requires a big quantity of power to your physique to interrupt down. Due to this fact, consuming it recurrently might enhance the variety of energy you burn in the course of the day (18, 20).

Based mostly on a number of research, it seems that protein’s results on metabolism and urge for food are most outstanding when about 30% of energy are consumed from protein. That is 150 grams of protein on a 2,000 calorie eating regimen (21, 22, 23, 24).


Protein might profit weight upkeep by selling fullness, growing metabolism and lowering your whole calorie consumption.

4. Weigh Your self Recurrently

Monitoring your weight by stepping on the dimensions regularly could also be a useful instrument for weight upkeep. It is because it may well make you conscious of your progress and encourage weight management behaviors (25).

Those that weigh themselves may additionally eat fewer energy all through the day, which is useful for sustaining weight reduction (26, 25).

In a single examine, individuals who weighed themselves six days per week, on common, consumed 300 fewer energy per day than those that monitored their weight much less regularly (26).

How typically you weigh your self is a private selection. Some discover it useful to weigh in day by day, whereas others are extra profitable checking their weight a few times per week.


Self-weighing might assist weight upkeep by preserving you conscious of your progress and behaviors.

5. Be Aware of Your Carb Consumption

Weight upkeep could also be simpler to perform should you take note of the categories and quantities of carbs that you just eat.

Consuming too many refined carbs, resembling white bread, white pasta and fruit juices, might be detrimental to your weight upkeep objectives.

These meals have been stripped of their pure fiber, which is important to advertise fullness. Diets which can be low in fiber are related to weight acquire and weight problems (27, 28, 29).

Limiting your carb consumption general may additionally assist you to preserve your weight reduction. A number of research have discovered that, in some circumstances, those that comply with low-carb diets after weight reduction usually tend to hold the burden off in the long run (30, 31).

Moreover, individuals following low-carb diets are much less more likely to eat extra energy than they burn, which is important for weight upkeep (32).


Limiting your consumption of carbs, particularly these which can be refined, might assist forestall weight regain.

Decreased muscle mass is a typical facet impact of weight reduction (33).

It might restrict your potential to maintain weight off, as shedding muscle reduces your metabolism, that means you burn fewer energy all through the day (34).

Performing some sort of resistance coaching, resembling lifting weights, might assist forestall this lack of muscle and, in flip, protect and even enhance your metabolic fee.

Research present that those that carry weights after weight reduction usually tend to hold weight off by sustaining muscle mass (6, 35, 36, 37).

To obtain these advantages, it’s endorsed to have interaction in power coaching at the very least twice per week. Your coaching routine ought to work all muscle teams for optimum outcomes (38).


Lifting weights at the very least twice per week might assist with weight upkeep by preserving your muscle mass, which is vital to maintain a wholesome metabolism.

7. Be Ready for Setbacks

Setbacks are inevitable in your weight upkeep journey. There could also be occasions if you give in to an unhealthy craving or skip a exercise.

Nevertheless, the occasional slip up doesn’t imply you need to throw your objectives out the window. Merely transfer on and comply with via with higher decisions.

It might additionally assist to plan forward for conditions that you understand will make wholesome consuming difficult, resembling an upcoming trip or vacation.


It’s doubtless that you’ll encounter a setback or two after reducing weight. You’ll be able to overcome setbacks by planning forward and getting again on observe immediately.

8. Keep on with Your Plan All Week Lengthy (Even on Weekends)

One behavior that always results in weight regain is maintaining a healthy diet on weekdays and dishonest on weekends.

This mentality typically leads individuals to binge on junk meals, which might offset weight upkeep efforts.

If it turns into an everyday behavior, you may acquire again extra weight than you misplaced within the first place (39).

Alternatively, analysis reveals that those that comply with a constant consuming sample all all through the week usually tend to maintain weight reduction in the long run (40).

One examine discovered that weekly consistency made people nearly twice as more likely to preserve their weight inside 5 kilos (2.2 kg) over one 12 months, in comparison with those that allowed extra flexibility on the weekends (40).


Profitable weight upkeep is simpler to perform if you persist with your wholesome consuming habits all week lengthy, together with on weekends.

Consuming water is useful for weight upkeep for a number of causes.

For starters, it promotes fullness and should assist you to hold your calorie consumption in examine should you drink a glass or two earlier than meals (41, 42, 43).

In a single examine, those that drank water earlier than consuming a meal had a 13% discount in calorie consumption, in comparison with individuals who didn’t drink water (41).

Moreover, consuming water has been proven to barely enhance the variety of energy you burn all through the day (44, 45).


Consuming water recurrently might promote fullness and enhance your metabolism, each vital components in weight upkeep.

Getting sufficient sleep considerably impacts weight management.

In actual fact, sleep deprivation seems to be a serious threat issue for weight acquire in adults and should intervene with weight upkeep (46, 47, 48).

That is partly as a consequence of the truth that insufficient sleep results in greater ranges of ghrelin, which is called the starvation hormone as a result of it will increase urge for food (47).

Furthermore, poor sleepers are inclined to have decrease ranges of leptin, which is a hormone essential for urge for food management (47).

Moreover, those that sleep for brief durations of time are merely drained and subsequently much less motivated to train and make wholesome meals decisions.

For those who’re not sleeping sufficient, discover a technique to modify your sleep habits. Sleeping for at the very least seven hours an evening is perfect for weight management and general well being (49).


Sleeping for wholesome lengths of time might assist with weight upkeep by preserving your power ranges up and hormones underneath management.

11. Management Stress Ranges

Managing stress is a vital a part of controlling your weight.

In actual fact, excessive stress ranges can contribute to weight regain by growing ranges of cortisol, which is a hormone launched in response to emphasize (50).

Persistently elevated cortisol is linked to greater quantities of stomach fats, in addition to elevated urge for food and meals consumption (50).

Stress can be a typical set off for impulsive consuming, which is if you eat even if you’re not hungry (51).

Happily, there are numerous issues you are able to do to fight stress, together with train, yoga and meditation.


You will need to hold stress ranges underneath management to take care of your weight, as extra stress might enhance the danger of weight acquire by stimulating your urge for food.

12. Discover a Help System

It may be troublesome to take care of your weight objectives alone.

One technique to beat that is to discover a help system that may maintain you accountable and presumably companion up with you in your wholesome life-style.

A number of research have proven that having a buddy to pursue your objectives with could also be useful for weight management, particularly if that individual is a companion or partner with comparable wholesome habits (52, 53).

One in all these research examined the well being behaviors of over 3,000 {couples} and located that when one individual engaged in a wholesome behavior, resembling train, the opposite was extra more likely to comply with their instance (53).


Involving a companion or partner in your wholesome life-style might increase the probability that you’ll preserve your weight reduction.

13. Observe Your Meals Consumption

Those that log their meals consumption in a journal, on-line meals tracker or app could also be extra more likely to preserve their weight reduction (35, 54, 55, 56).

Meals trackers are useful as a result of they improve your consciousness of how a lot you might be actually consuming, since they typically present particular details about what number of energy and vitamins you eat.

Moreover, many food-tracking instruments let you log train, so you possibly can make sure you’re getting the quantity it is advisable preserve your weight.

Listed below are some examples of calorie counting web sites and apps.


Logging your meals consumption from daily might assist you to preserve your weight reduction by making you conscious of what number of energy and vitamins you’re consuming.

14. Eat Loads of Greens

A number of research hyperlink excessive vegetable consumption to raised weight management (57, 58, 59).

For starters, greens are low in energy. You’ll be able to eat giant parts with out placing on weight, whereas nonetheless consuming a powerful quantity of vitamins (40, 59, 60).

Additionally, greens are excessive in fiber, which will increase emotions of fullness and should robotically scale back the variety of energy that you just eat in the course of the day (61, 62, 63).

For these weight management advantages, intention to eat a serving or two of greens at each meal.


Greens are excessive in fiber and low in energy. Each of those properties could also be useful for weight upkeep.

Consistency is vital to preserving weight off.

As a substitute of on-and-off weight-reduction plan that ends with going again to previous habits, it’s best to stay along with your new nutritious diet and life-style for good.

Whereas adopting a brand new lifestyle could seem overwhelming at first, making wholesome decisions will turn out to be second nature if you get used to them.

Your more healthy life-style might be easy, so that you’ll be capable to preserve your weight rather more simply.


Sustaining weight reduction is easy if you find yourself constant along with your new wholesome habits, fairly than going again to your previous life-style.

16. Follow Aware Consuming

Aware consuming is the apply of listening to inside urge for food cues and paying full consideration in the course of the consuming course of.

It entails consuming slowly, with out distractions, and chewing meals totally so you possibly can savor the aroma and style of your meal.

Once you eat this fashion, you usually tend to cease consuming if you find yourself really full. For those who eat whereas distracted, it may be troublesome to acknowledge fullness and it’s possible you’ll find yourself overeating (64, 65, 66).

Research present that conscious consuming helps with weight upkeep by focusing on behaviors which can be generally related to weight acquire, resembling emotional consuming (67, 68, 69).

What’s extra, those that eat mindfully could possibly preserve their weight with out counting energy (69).


Aware consuming is useful for weight upkeep as a result of it helps you acknowledge fullness and should forestall unhealthy behaviors that generally result in weight acquire.

17. Make Sustainable Adjustments to Your Way of life

The rationale why many individuals fail at sustaining their weight is as a result of they comply with unrealistic diets that aren’t possible in the long run.

They find yourself feeling disadvantaged, which frequently results in gaining again extra weight than they misplaced within the first place as soon as they return to consuming usually.

Sustaining weight reduction comes down to creating sustainable adjustments to your life-style.

This seems to be totally different for everybody, however basically it means not being too restrictive, staying constant and making wholesome decisions as typically as doable.


It’s simpler to take care of weight reduction if you make sustainable life-style adjustments, fairly than following the unrealistic guidelines that many weight reduction diets concentrate on.

Diets might be restrictive and unrealistic, which frequently results in weight regain.

Nevertheless, there are many easy adjustments you can also make to your habits which can be simple to stay with and can assist you to preserve your weight reduction in the long run.

By your journey, you’ll notice that controlling your weight entails rather more than what you eat. Train, sleep and psychological well being additionally play a job.

It’s doable for weight upkeep to be easy should you merely undertake a brand new life-style, fairly than occurring and off weight reduction diets.

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